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Visitors to the portal and its beneficiaries must continuously and periodically review the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality to be aware of any updates made to them. Please note that the portal management is not required to announce any updates made to those terms and principles, and your use of the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal implies your acknowledgment and agreement to those terms and principles and any continuous modifications made to them.

Personal Information Security
This information related to privacy and confidentiality has been prepared to assist visitors of the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal in understanding the nature of the data collected from them during their visit to the portal and how to handle it. The Information Technology Management and the portal management take appropriate and suitable measures and precautions to securely maintain personal information, ensuring its protection against loss, unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, and unauthorized disclosure.

Collection of Personal Information
Dear visitor, please be aware that as soon as you visit the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal, the portal's server records the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, date and time of the visit, and the URL address of any website from which you were referred to the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal.
As is the case with most websites, upon visiting the portal, a small file is placed on the visitor's (browser) hard drive, known as "cookies." Cookies are text files that are deposited by some websites you visit onto your hard drive, which facilitate your future entry into the portal and benefit from the services offered. These text files contain information that allows the website that deposited them to retrieve them when needed during the user's next visit to the website. Some of the saved information includes:
-Remembering the username and password.
-Saving page settings if available on the portal.
-Saving the colors chosen by the user.
-Not allowing the same user to vote multiple times.
The browser of the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal may not be required to enter a password during each visit. The website system can detect it through cookies, or it may prevent the user from repeating the voting process if they have already voted. Based on this, the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal will use the information stored in cookies for its own technical purposes when visited multiple times. The portal can also change the information within cookies or add new information whenever you visit.
If you send us an email through the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal, providing us with personal data, we may share the necessary data with other entities or departments to serve you more effectively. We will not share your personal data with non-governmental entities unless they are authorized by the relevant authorities to perform specific government services. By providing your personal data through the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal, you fully agree to the storage, processing, and use of that data by Saudi authorities. We reserve the right to disclose any information to the competent authorities whenever necessary to comply with any law, system, or government request.
You agree that you are solely responsible for the completeness, accuracy, and truthfulness of the data you submit through this portal.

To protect your personal data, electronic storage and transmitted personal data are secured using appropriate security technologies.
This portal may contain electronic links to other websites or portals that may use different methods to protect their information and privacy. We are not responsible for the content, methods, and privacy of these other websites, and we advise you to refer to the privacy notices of those websites.

Sending Email Messages to Vegetation Cover
When you inquire or request information about a specific service or provide additional information through any means of communication with the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development portal, whether electronic or non-electronic, such as inquiring on our website, we will use your email address to respond to your inquiries. We may also save your email address, message, and our response for quality monitoring purposes. Additionally, we may do so for legal and regulatory purposes.

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